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Gyllenhaal replaces Holmes in The Dark Knight?

MaggieGyllenhaal.jpgThere's a rumour going around that Maggie Gyllenhaal is set to replace Katie Holmes in The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins (Filmstalker review).

Now I know there are rumours galore about all this and it's hard to keep abreast of the latest one, but this seems to be quite strong.

Latino Review through dtheatre have been pretty right with their scoops, although they too have been caught up in the rumour mill before. Now though they are reporting that Gyllenhaal is set to be the next Rachel Dawes, and that this has been confirmed by two of their best sources. No idea if this was independently or not, but it is most certainly confirmed.

So this is perhaps the strongest rumour to date, and with the track record from LR I think we could be looking at the next Rachel Dawes. What do you think? A good match? I thnk she could do well, and what I like is that she's not an atypical beauty, much like Holmes.



I think it might just work. I've always loved most of Maggie's work.



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