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Die Hard 4.0 International Trailer online

LiveFreeDieHard.jpgThe new international trailer for Live Free or Die Hard is online, it's recut, has new footage, and is unfortunately rather small, still it's there to be seen and it looks cool.

Okay, let's back up a little here. It's reported to be the international trailer for Live Free or Die Hard, but it's not, it's the international trailer for Die Hard 4.0. Are they going through a name change again, or are they just using an old title sequence at the end? Even then the website clearly states diehard4movie.com, although right now the "server is down for maintenance", quite fitting considering the film.

The trailer is great though, loads of action, Bruce Willis doing what he does best, and some amazing scenes with the ante well and truly upped. This is on the watch list for me.

You can see the trailer directly from Fox Film [WMV:S:Dload] through Coming Soon.

What do you think? See the Die Hard 4.0 plastered all over it?



I like this trailer, and I think it's better than the one we've seen previously. "Some habits Die Hard" is a nifty little tagline, even if it doesn't make much sense in context here.

If this is an international trailer, maybe they're going with "4.0" for the rest of the world who wouldn't key into the more US-centric "Live Free Or Die Hard".

Although that's assuming that US audiences will be more in tune to "getting" the title - even though I am, and I don't.



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