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DiCaprio to produce and star in Enron thriller

LeonardoDiCaprio.jpgLeonardo Di Caprio is set to produce and star in the adaptation of by Kurt Eichnwald, the book tells the story of Enron's collapse and the people behind the scenes.

Warner Brothers have made a preemptive deal on the book and are negotiating for the final agreement. Sheldon Turner, who has scripted the superhero comic book Wanted, has been assigned to write the script and said:

"Kurt made the factual stuff read like a thriller, and it felt right to tell the story from the point of view of an outsider...The goal was to take it away from feeling like a staid look at a corporation and turn it into a character study of how people react under adversity."

The quote comes from Variety and suggests that the idea has turned into something that looks quite lucrative, especially with the deal reaching seven figures for the book and screenwriter fees.

DiCaprio is set to play a newcomer to the energy company who slowly unravels the conspiracy to reveal the fraudulent accounting that drive Enron into backrupcy. He's really becoming an actor with relevant and socially strong stories in his fore, and you have to admire him for that, using his position to bring forward socially strong and aware tales.



Judging by the films he decides to be a part of, DiCaprio never fails to impress me every time.



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