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79th Oscar results

Oscar.jpgThe Oscars are over and while most people were writing, reading and watching them, I was in my pit sleeping away. Hope you enjoyed it, and just to satisfy your curiousity, if you didn't already know, here are the winners.

I was surprised by only a few awards, and there were definitely a couple of token gestures. The Departed won more than I thought, and it's a remake too. Now Hollywood take notice, you need to make the remakes strong, none of the quick and dirty remakes that we've been seeing.

Onto the awards...

Actor: Forest Whitaker
Supporting Actor: Alan Arkin (I didn't see that one coming)
Actress: Helen Mirren
Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson
Animated Film: Happy Feet
Art Direction: Pan's Labyrinth
Cinematography: Pan's Labyrinth
Costume: Marie Antoinette
Directing: The Departed
Documentary: An Inconvenient Truth
Documentary Short: The Blood of Yingzhou District
Editing: The Departed
Foreign Language: The Lives of Others (I'm very happy about that one)
Makeup: Pan's Labyrinth
Original Score: Babel
Original Song: An Inconvenient Truth (There's a surprise)
Film: The Departed
Animated Short: The Danish Poet
Live Action Short: West Bank Story
Sound Editing: Letters From Iwo Jima (Oh this was such a "better give him something" award)
Sound Mixing: Dreamgirls (ditto)
Visual Effects: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Adapted Screenplay: The Departed
Original Screenplay: Little Miss Sunshine (The second surprise for me)

Well there you go, I have to say that I was pretty damn close with my predictions in the Oscar feature. How close were you? Any big surprises?



A remake wins best picture. Andrew sighs.
Ethridge wins best song. Andrew pukes.

If you're interested Richard, check my blog for a full recap.

I am so pleased for Marty winning Best Director and The Departed getting Best Picture - the Academy got it right after such a long time!

Happu Feet! Yippeee!!!

And, of course... Marty... YEAH!

Oh, now that {I]An Inconvenient Truth[/I] won best documentary Peter, will you consider watching it?

Richard, I was also pleased for The Lives of Others, and now I cant wait!

I have already seen it, don´t u remember? It´s so popular now...

Oh yes you did! Totally forgot. ;)

I've just been scouring the Internet watching the clips of the winners, and was teary-eyed after seeing Coppola, Spielberg and Lucas come onto the stage to award the Best Director to good ole Marty and he gets a standing ovation. Not long after Jack Nicholson announces the Best Picture win for The Departed! Big night for Marty indeed!

I wonder if anyone has even seen Infernal Affairs? Am I the only one who cares that Marty stole this film and is now getting all the accolades for the win? At least he remembered to thank them for allowing him to copy their film.

You have to chill Drew, there's nothing anybody can do about it now.

Oh I've seen Infernal Affairs, I even reviewed it on the site:


You have to admit though Drew, it's the only remake in a very long time that is worthy of being acknowledged next to the original.



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