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30th Anniversary Star Wars DVD box set due?

StarWars.jpgIs there a 30th Anniversary box set for Star Wars coming, and will it include all six films? Well the first part looks set to be true at least.

An anonymous source dropped me a note to a story on Mania DVD which has a quote from Hasbro through Associated Press:

Looking ahead, Verrecchia said he expected Star Wars to continue to be a strong performer with Lucas planning a video release for this year's 30th anniversary, a Star Wars animated TV show next year and a live-action Star Wars TV show in 2009.

"He and his studio have a lot going on over the next several years to support the franchise," Verrecchia said.

Now I'm not that knowledgeable on Hasbro, but I presume Verrecchia is someone with enough clout (read standing for non-UK people) that he would know what was coming from the Lucas Dark Empire, and if this is right then what could a possible 30th Anniversary set include but all six films?

Surely George Lucas couldn't get away with a partial box set yet again could he? Would you buy another partial box set? What additions other than all six films would convince you to buy? Frankly I would only buy it if it had all the films together, and even then I would want the original three version added in there as well.



I already started saving for this so yeah!

Oh, George. You and your DVD box sets.

Anyway, I want some COMMENTARY (come on, bring on Lucas, Hamil, and Ford!). That's the only way I'm double-dipping.

Isolated scores, John Williams commentary, Restored original editions (no pink light sabres), restored sound mix (episode 4 had some weird stuff done to it). Also can we get Marcia Lucas to re-cut the prequel trilogy - there might be a story there we actually care about...

That would be a start...

We'd like to think he couldn't get away with this, but by God just watch him do it.

James, I'm not sure what to make out of that comment. ;)

I won't be buying any Star Wars Dvd box sets unless it contains all 6 films.

I love big box sets, and the Star Wars box set would be worth the whole sunday watching it... Bring on the six set!

Yeah, I would like to see some 6 dvd set action this year.. *Wink Wink*, Mr. Lucas!

I'm still waiting for a box set that includes all 6 movies, I'm not buying any other possible box sets they might release.
Come on LucasFilm! Been waiting ever since Revenge Of The Sith came out...



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