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300 screening and Glasgow Film Festival

Right, here's a quick update of things happening over the weekend for you all, mainly because updates will be sporadic until Monday, here's why.

Friday I'm flying to London to catch a screening of 300. Luckily I'm staying overnight and flying back in the morning, the bank balance is suffering! Hopefully on the flight back I'll get the review written for you all.

Saturday, if all goes well with the people from the Glasgow Film Festival, I'll catch The Messengers and Turistas there. That means getting home from the flight and racing out there, and back quite late on.

Sunday should see me catching Letters from Iwo Jima and heading off to a rather fancy hotel with my fiancee for some us time. No wireless connections there I'm afraid!

However, Monday we're heading back into Glasgow, and Festival organisers willing, we'll catch Scoop and The Good Shepherd. All the reviews will come that week.

So please bear with me during the quiet service. The updates will resume as per normal, and there will be a host of new reviews to come too.

Also, after the next week I hope to be able to get back to reviewing a film a week as before.

Okay, bedtime, there's packing to be done tomorrow and an important flight to catch. I'm worried because the winds here are terrible!



And the weather is uber-nice here in London!

Nite-nite Richard, have a safe flight and just maybe we'll finally meet tomorrow, but if we don't I'll see you in your neck of the woods one day, that's for sure. Enjoy the film! ;)



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