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300 remixed trailer online

300.jpgThere's a slightly remixed trailer for 300 online and although we've seen most of the footage before, it does give a slightly different take on events.

Every time I see clips of the film it takes me back to the special screening I saw a few weeks ago and the film keeps coming back to me. Actually when I watch these short clips I find I'm appreciating the style even more than during the film and I'm spending more time looking at the wonderful backdrops and effects. It is a gloriously styled film, you can read the spoiler free Filmstalker review right here.

Meanwhile you can see the newly remixed trailer here. Wait till you see the film, I think you'll be raving about it.

The trailer comes through digg as an "unreleased trailer" and is posted over at .

Oh you've got to be excited about this film...




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