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Stalked: Halloween, Hills Have Eyes II, Harry Potter photo

Halloween.jpgRob Zombie's Halloween gains Adrienne Barbeau, The Hills Have Eyes II shifts dates, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix gets a nice hi-res photo.

Halloween has been courting rumour galore, and it might just be delayed a little for some script polishing, in the meantime however there have been new cast announcements on :

Adrienne Barbeau, Clint Howard, Courtney Gains and Daryl Sabara

Barbeau is a staple John Carpenter star and you should easily recognise her as the sexy voiced DJ from The Fog (the original!). Nice touch to have her cast in the film too.

The Hills Have Eyes II has moved its release date three weeks to now open on March 23rd. This is, according to Bloody Disgusting, due to scheduling conflicts. It will open against the ventriloquist dummy killing film Dead Silence. Sorry, all bets are off.

Over at Coming Soon they have a hi-res photo of Harry Potter standing at the station waiting to go to school. It looks seriously weird as all the touch up work has been done on his face and nowhere else.




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