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Smokin' Aces DVD Directors Cut

SmokinAces.jpgJoe Carnahan, the writer and director of Smokin' Aces, has told how there's a lot of scenes from the film that have ended up on the cutting room floor, but will make it to a Directors Cut DVD, including multiple alternate endings.

I'm excited as I'll be racing to see the film on Friday, after a screening of Infamous, but even without this news and without seeing the film I would have been convinced of wanting to catch the DVD. From everything I've seen it just looks so fresh and action packed.

Now that Carnahan has spoken about the DVD cut to /Film I'm even more excited about it. After all alternate endings are my favourite DVD feature.

"I always refer to it as the orphanage for the Deleted Scene is on the DVD...I coulda made the film two hours and forty five minutes, no problem...

In the interview they say that Carnahan has promised loads of extra footage of meny of the characters, and in complete scenes too, not just snips, plus they talk about the alternate endings, although Carnahan is staying tight lipped on that one. Here's to Friday.




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