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Richard Smith's Score online

Richard Smith's short film online. There are a couple of filmmakers I'm personally following rather than just through the site, and I was tempted to say stalking there but I think that really does give the wrong idea! One is Richard Smith, and the other is about to be mentioned in the next story too.

Smith is a writer and director from Glasgow, Scotland. Now don't let that put you off straight away he's the writer of the excellent Trauma (Filmstalker review) starring Colin Firth, Naomie Harris and Mena Suvari.

Previously I pointed you to his latest short film Mono which is available online for viewing, well now he's emailed me to point me to another one of his short films called Score which is also now viewable online.

The short is about being stuck in a moment in life (sorry U2) and how it's difficult to break behaviour even when you have an opportunity to get out.

It stars Alton Milne who is another local actor/writer I met recently. It just shows that there is so much untapped talent in Scotland.

Head over to see the short on the competition site Filmaka [Embed:Flash].




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