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Eve of Understanding wins more recognition

EveofUnderstanding.jpgAnother filmmaker I'm personally following (see previous story) is actually a group, they are the makers of Eve of Understanding (Filmstalker review) who really surprised me with just how good their film is on all fronts.

They've just had some great news updates which they've emailed through and also announced on their site. Here's a quick rundown:

Eve of Understanding is the jury WINNER, BEST US FEATURE FILM at the Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Fest.

...and rightly deserved. I haven't seen the others in competition but I do know that they have a stronkingly good film and you would never believe the restrictions they had in making it.

They are already running with the following awards:

WINNER BEST FEATURE FILM, Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto
WINNER BEST FEATURE FILM, Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Festival
WINNER BEST ACTRESS Rebecca Lowman, Boston Film Festival
WINNER BEST ACTRESS Rebecca Lowman, Breckenridge Film Festival

They've also emailed me to let me know more good news:

Eve Of Understanding Named A Semi-Finalist In The $100,000 Fylmz
Competition, Enters Next Round Of Judging
Peter Senchuk's Score And Eve Up For Award In Park , Utah (Here some score excerpts on his site)
Eve An Official Selection Of Lake County Film Festival In Illinois
Eve On "Best Of 2006" Lists: Filmstalker (Yes, me!) & Independent Critics.Com
Eve One Of The "Best Movies I've Seen" In Rogue Cinema Review
Eve An Official Selection Of Zion Independent Film Festival In Utah

Well done them, and well done to Eve. Have a look at the Filmstalker review.



Nothing like waking up and seeing your own name in one of your daily blog reads.

The entire Lake County Film Festival reads Filmstalker? I am proud!

Seriously, glad to see you here. Hope Eve and the festival do well this year.

Hey Richard -

Thanks for writing about us, yet again, on your blog. 2007 is getting off to a great start, definitely interested to see where it goes from here!

As always, thanks for all your support. Alyson

Well that's what happens when you make a good movie. All well deserved.



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