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Casino Royale, first Bond in China

CasinoRoyale_Poster.jpgBond hasn't exactly done well in China, but now the news has come that without cuts Casino Royale (Filmstalker review) is going to be seen. That's something amazing, especially considering that The Departed has been banned for the portrayal of the Chinese Government.

Mind you, there's no anti-chinese messages in this film, although there certainly scenes that the Chinese Government don't agree with such as gambling, and that's a huge part of the film. However they've allowed the film and even passed the added explanatory dubbing to explain the gambling.

The story comes from Total Film and according to them this is the first Bond film to make it into China on the big screen in 45 years. Quick maths that means since Dr No, which was the first Bond film outing.



I always learn a thing or two here even if its not film-related. Thanks for bringing it out as I didnt know about the gambling concern in China. My original post was supposed to mention mah-jong which is gambling craze and was originated in China, now I have found out what Chinese have done to strip it off of its gambling references to being an approved healthy sport.

Well, it's look Casino Royale is still bringing in a lot of dough! It's been over 2 months since its release and it still playing in most cinemas here in London. Now there's China to conquer!

Man, the fist sentence in my last paragraph sounds horrible! I meant to say it looks like Casino Royale.. then blah blah blah... I just got excited!!! ;)



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