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Williams says no Mrs Doubtfire 2

RobinWilliams.jpgRobin Williams has just announced on BBC's Radio 1 to Edith Bowman that there will not be a Mrs Doubtfire 2, not with him anyway.

He said that if it's not going to be done right, then it's not worth doing. He was really nice and told Edith not to be so sad about the character, and that she'll come back in some form one day.

That's great news. A sequel to the film just sounds cheap and contrived to me.



A lot of people hated Mrs. Doubtfire but I thought it really wasnt that bad, Tootsie was better though.

I agree this is good news. As I think I may have noted before Mrs Doubtfire was essentially a one idea movie*. A sequel would be a really dumb idea.

* Think Sister Act 2, Beverly Hills Cop 2 & 3.

Some one idea movies can justify their sequels by reversing the idea... Meet the Parents 2 (poor as it was) Rush Hour 2, Terminator II, Escape from the Planet of the Apes.

There are some movies where there is scope for an interesting sequel but they don't come up with anything new. (Escape from LA for instance)

Now unless Sally Field is going to become Mr Doubtfire I don't see much justification for a Mrs Doubtfire sequel.



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