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Unaccompanied Minors Competition!

UnaccompaniedMinors_Poster.jpgWant to win some cool, or rather warm, Unaccompanied Minors goodies? Well you can right here at Filmstalker. There are a number of prizes to be won, and they could be yours.

Many thanks to Warner Brothers for getting us the prizes which you can see over the page as well as details on how to win.

Once again they've been really good to us and allowed us to open up the competition to a few non-US and Canada residents, so get your entry in.

Competition-Minors.jpgThese are the prizes up for grabs. A nice wooly hat or beanie, a flocked Santa t-shirt, a luggage tag, and two posters of the film.

The release schedule for the film looks like this:

Australia - 30 November 2006 Singapore - 7 December 2006 USA - 8 December 2006 Germany - 14 December 2006 Spain - 15 December 2006 UK - 15 December 2006 Argentina - 21 December 2006 Brazil - 22 December 2006 France - 3 January 2007

The competition opens today and will close on Monday the 18th December, so you have some time to enter, as before I will need your name, email address and full postal address.

These details will not be shared with anyone other than myself and Warner Brothers. They will be stored on my computer until passed to the WB Press Office just after the competition closes, at this point they will be deleted from my computer after I email you of course. These details are required for mailing of the prizes and contacting you to let you know if you've won or not, and in case of any difficulties in getting the prizes to you. They will not be used for marketing or passing on to any other companies.

As before, I'm going to keep this one really simple, perhaps next competition I'll start asking you to actually do things to win, but for now just email with your name, email address and postal address. Oh, and put the prizes in your order of preference, perhaps you might get lucky!




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