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Rodriguez on Madman comic adaptation

RobertRodriguez.jpgRobert Rodriguez is being reported as producing and co-writing the script for a project he's oft wanted to complete, the film adaptation of the comic Madman. According to the report he's even signed up George Huang to co-write and direct.

According to CHUD who have the story from Variety, the Madman comic goes something like this:

...a guy who is killed in a car accident. A mad scientist resurrects him, calls him Frank Einstein, and gives him super powers. He then has weird and post-modern adventures. Allred, whose wacky pop art illustrations define Madman, will be heavily involved in the making of the movie, which is going to be shot at Troublemaker in Austin.

Sounds interesting, and Huang was responsible for writing and directing the superb Swimming With Sharks starring Kevin Spacey, Frank Whaley, the sexy Michelle Forbes and a brief but cool appearance by Benecio Del Toro. If you haven't seen this film you must, it's a superbly dark look into Hollywood and people in general.

Anyone read Madman? Is this going to turn out to be something special?




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