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Police Academy 8 dead?

PoliceAcademy.jpgPlease god let it be true. Leslie Easterbrook, who played the dominating Debbie Callahan in Police Academy, has said that the plans for Police Academy 8 are pretty much dead. Yippeee!

"In the last couple of years there have been rumors about doing a number eight, so Jerry Weintraub's company and Village Roadshow came together and decided to produce the movie and they hired a writer who wrote two drafts and nobody was happy with them. It kind of died at that point. I think Warner Home Video wanted to do one straight to video and that seemed like a good idea. The last I heard, Warner wants to do it, but they want a producer to get independent financing"

This comes from an interview over at UGO through Moviehole and /Film.

Can't say I'm disappointed, the shine was fading from Police Academy really early on and it would need a major rework to get it going again. However, we are in the age of remakes, could it still happen?



8 is not being made? hang on, when did 4-7 get made?

Time for a imdb as my movie knowledge seems to be seeping.

Pablo, speaking as someone who saw the series up to part five, and who actually saw the latter at the cinema, let me assure you that you've missed nothing by not knowing those films existed.

Given what they were happy to put on screen in those earlier films, I dread to think how bad the script must've been this time if they wouldn't go ahead with it. And is it not slightly rich that Warners are happy to release the film but not to actually put up the money for it themselves?

Whoo Hoo. First of all that there won't be an 8th. And also I've managed to miss them all since the 2nd one so I'm even further behind than Pablo.



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