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Narnia's Prince Caspian moves locations again

TheChroniclesofNarniaI_Poster.jpgIt's starting to get a little confusing just where The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is going to be shooting. Just the other day we heard that it would be moving filming to the UK, well now it's been claimed that it's still filming in New Zealand and in Prague.

According to the story from Newswire and Variety through Coming Soon:

The producer of the new Narnia film Prince Caspian says there's been no change to New Zealand's involvement in the project.

New Zealander Tim Coddington says reports Disney has axed plans to make the sequel to The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe here are wrong.

He says he understands the role New Zealand will play in the film is still the same and details are expected this week.

The chief executive of Film New Zealand, Judith McCann, says the industry always knew the film's entire production would not be based in New Zealand.

Okay...so that's totally contradicting the previous story which came from the President of Walt Disney International. Then there's the news of Prague:

Prague's Barrandov Studios execs were looking visibly relieved at the opening of their new $4.7 million sound stage Monday, just in time for "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" to move in for six months.

Okay...so are we seeing all three locations used? I could believe that they could well do it this way. The Prague studio is very high-tech, New Zealand gives the great Narnia backdrop (Scotland would as well if its stopped raining long enough) and Britain gives the real world locations. So perhaps they are going for the most expensive shoot ever and having all three locations?



But yesterday you just reported...


Hey Simone, I watched Casino Royle this weekend. My opinion? You can keep your money. I liked it. Cheers

Hey Poodle! I've been wondering all this time where youve been! I am glad you liked it. If you happen to be visiting the UK, drop me a line, we can use the money for a martini. ;)

For some reason, I thought they were going to change the location to Morroco, that seems to be the current hot spot.

Maybe, they'll use Morroco for a horse and his boy.




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