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Hitman lead Olyphant, not Diesel

TimothyOlyphant.jpgAlthough Vin Diesel was never signed up for the role of Hitman 47 in the film adaptation of the well suited for the big screen videogame Hitman, but many people thought he would be the ideal choice. Now it's finally confirmed that he's not getting the role, and we've heard who is.

According to a story in AICN which has spread around the net like a rash, the man for the job is Timothy Olyphant, and looking at a few shots just now I think he looks the part for sure.

We're going to see him next in Live Free or Die Hard as the big baddie, and that will be the best chance to eye him up for the role, unless you've been following him in Deadwood already.

What do you think? Is he a good choice? I always thought Diesel was a cracker for the role and I'm really surprised he didn't get signed up...actually I'm not, he's got his heart set on his Hannibal film (not Lecktor).

The videogame, if you haven't played it, is about a genetically engineered Hitman, one of many working for a secret group. This one is Hitman 47. During the first game he breaks out of the secure installation where he has been kept for his entire life and he joins the real world, doing the only thing he really knows how to do.

One of the most interesting things about this story is that Luc Besson has joined the production crew, and from Besson's history of production on action films that tells us we're in for some top notch on screen set pieces. I just hope the rest of the film and story hold up to it, and with the writer of Swordfish on the job, Skip Woods, I'm pretty confident so far.




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