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Chan injured on Rush Hour 3

JackieChan.jpgPoor old Jackie Chan, he's hurt himself again during filming and at the age of 52. This man is stunning, moreso because the injury wasn't a little tap, no this was a blow to the chest with a steel reinforced wooden table, right on the spot where he was injured in Rob-B-Hood after being kicked in the chest by a stuntman wearing the wrong shoes. You mean there are right shoes to kick someone in the chest?

Chan is amazing, and it's unbelievable that he's still doing so much on set. Shame it's Rush Hour 3, but I hope this bodes well for what he's going to get up to when he finally gets on screen with Jet Li. The Guardian have how he tried to battle on:

Chan said he tried to work through the pain, wearing a stunt belt across his upper chest and taking medication, but the movie's producers eventually sent him to a doctor. An X-ray cleared him of broken bones or organ injury, he said.

"I was in a lot of pain because it was in the same spot where I had gotten hurt during the filming of Rob-B-Hood"

What a role model...or perhaps he's just a plain adrenaline junky, hooked on doing the stunts he so loves.




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