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Aliens vs Predator: AvP2 gets release date

AlienvsPredator.jpgAliens vs Predator: AvP2 has received a release date, and so that means there's no avoiding it. The film is set to arrive to do battle on December 21st next year, in the US at least.

I like the idea of relocating the story in the middle of a town rather than some remote out of the place nowhere. After all the Aliens would be after us to harvest eggs and the Predators would want more odds stacked up against them, although we're hardly much of a barrier to them.

I don't know, I still hold a lot of love for both franchises separately and I just want to believe that bringing them together can work rather than just turning bad.

So although the release date news from MoviesOnline doesn't make me feel much, I am interested to see if the Brothers Strause can do something different this time around. The first just seemed such a missed opportunity for me.




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