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Lohan as Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac?

LindseyLohan.jpgThe biographical films of musicians continue on the Hollywood conveyor belt as Lindsay Lohan announces that she wants to get a film about Stevie Nicks in production and she wants to star.

She has picked up that the musical biographical films are the rage at the moment, and she's really keen to play someone from a period of music she loves, and that's Stevie Nicks at the height of Fleetwood Mac's fame. According to a source through Stuff:

"Lindsay says that movies like Ray and Walk the Line are good examples of the kinds of projects she'd like to do...She feels like she's found a dream role in a story about Stevie Nicks at the height of Fleetwood Mac's fame. Lindsay loves the music of that era, and people have told her she has the same distinctive gravelly voice as Stevie's."

The source goes on to say that she would love Jared Leto to play the leading man in the film, another member of Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham. Apparently they say that Lohan says (isn't this stretching the rumour?) that they are great on screen and she's always wondered why he didn't have a bigger career..

You know that is true, he always seems to be playing second fiddle, although his role in Requiem for a Dream was superb, and definitely a lead for him.

Do you think this is wild speculation or is there something that might work there? Would a film about Fleetwood Mac, and especially Nicks be of interest?



Let me hear Lohan sing Landslide then ask me again.

Should they actually do a film, I think Lohan would be out, as the actress playing Nicks should actually be capable of carrying a tune.

If this ever, ever were to happen, I'd slit my throat. Firstly, Lindsey Lohan looks nothing like Stevie (she wishes). Secondly, she slaughtered Edge of Seventeen. Thirdly, she has not one ounce of talent in her entire body.

I wouldn't worry too much, Lohan seems to be single handedly destroying her career without much help from anyone else!

Growing up thru the 70s listening to Fleetwood Mac and just recently seeing Fleetwood Mac in concert, there is a magical, beautiful aura about Stevie, her life and music. Something Lindsey Lohan would never have or never understand. I would never go see this film if the part is played by nasty Lindsey Lohan. Stevie is a legend and deserves to be portrayed by a much better actress, person and singer. If Lindsey portrays her, it will be a flop!

Well I think you might be able to rest easy Vivian, it's been a mighty long time since we've heard anything from the project for a long time.

Who would you like to see play her? Who could?



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