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Bana to play Steve Irwin?

SteveIrwin.jpgThe last wild and inaccurate rumour we heard about a Steve Irwin film was that his friend Russell Crowe wanted to play him, well now it's Eric Bana being suggested for the role.

According to his friend and manager John Stainton, Irwin actually asked Bana if he would play him should he die.

Stainton says, "He (Irwin) raced up to him on the red carpet and said 'Eric, you have to promise me one thing, mate - you've got to play me when I die.' If we ever do a movie I'd have to get Eric Bana."

That's the quote from him through Starpulse News Blog.

So, deep breath just like the last rumour. There is no Irwin film on the cards, and his death is still incredibly recent. As Crowe said as he was being touted to play the man just days after speaking at his funeral, "...it absolutely disgusts me.", and I think he'd probably say that again in this case.

If there's going to be an Irwin film then I can see it beginning in maybe a year or two, not right now when it's still so close to his families loss.



Even if this is only a rumor, Bana seems out of the ordinary to play the 'criky' man. I would think someone like Will Farrell would be more appropriate.

Oh yes Eric Bana, love him, love him, love him! ;D

But Simone, Bana is to serious looking. If they're going to make this movie, it needs to be lighthearted and funny , you know, the way 'criky' man was. I don't have anything against Bana, as matter of fact, I loved him in the "Hulk", and he's also a very good actor.
Btw, how's your temperature? are you still hot and heavy over Gerald Butler guy?

LOL @ Poodle. I was hoping you wouldnt ask me about Butler! I am okay now thank you. ;D

I see what you mean about Bana, but surely he can act lighthearted? He could do with some fun in a movie, you know he's playing Henry VIII alongside Portman and Johansson? Oh mama! There is another Australian actor that might be good for this role and that is David Wenham - he played Faramir in the LoTR films and was the comic relief in Van Helsing - what dya think? He also looks yummy!

Yummy, huh, I like that. You must be an English girl. I'm a Texan girl and we call "yummy" guys here "STUD", but the reference is the same :-)
I don't know Wenham, but I loved LOTR triology.

Not English at all (I'm Asian) just living in London so you may say I have been influenced by the culture, at least of what we describe the men here. ;D

Surely you remember Faramir? He played Van Helsing's sidekick too.



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