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The Devil's in the Details

A story by China Mieville has been picked up by Paramount Vantage and turned into a screenplay by Dan Kay called Details. Nothing too exciting there, but the story from the British writer Mieville sounds pretty superb, listen to this.

The story is based on the psychological phenomenon Pareidolia. Actually I'm just thinking about it and wondering if that could be a huge spoiler - So there's your warning, that could be a big spoiler. Anyway, the story comes from Variety and Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon and CinemaBlend - I've combined the stories for some extra details.

It's about a girl who disappears after having contacted a demonic force that only she can see. Her Father does the usual thing and chases after her.

Okay the last bit doesn't really sell it, but the beginning does, and if you've ventured to see what that word means, or know it already, you'll be intrigued to wonder what this could be about - and possibly carrying a big spoiler with you! We shall see.



If this is based on the story I think it is - and I've read everything Mieville's published - then it sounds as though they've changed up the characters and plot a bit. It's a great concept, though, and it'd be fantastic to see some Mieville on the big screen ...



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