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Wonder Woman casting rumours quashed

Bilson-WonderWoman-Small.jpgAccording to Rachel Bilson the rumours of her as Wonder Woman are unfounded. She said today that she didn't know where they had come from and hadn't heard them until now.

So with that rumour out of the way, thanks to IESB through CinemaBlend, onto the next, which as soon as I read were quashed - what is going on?!

Entertainment Weekly through SuperHero Hype have an interview with Katharine McPhee (Americon Idol runner up turned actress) where she's asked about the rumour of her playing the part and she let's us know the truth:

I'm not gonna deny it, or admit to it. But it's funny because no one has even received this so-called Wonder Woman script. It's like there's so much buzz created around a script that isn't even in the hands of any actresses yet. And that's all I'll really say. Yes, there have been, you know, like, conversations about it, but as far as the role being mine, or me being the lead up for it, I don't really know...

...I think it would be a huge mistake for me to attempt to tackle a role like that for my debut. I really want to make smart choices, and I don't think that would be a smart choice. A lot of times, regardless of whether you're a blockbuster actress, those kinds of movies fail. So it wouldn't be very smart for the girl off a reality television show to take a film like that for her first motion picture.

Very wise words...so it's not her either. Damn rumours! Back to the guessing board then.



Hello, My name is Mark. I have collected comic books for years. Love Batman, Spiderman, X Men to name a few. Whoever is coming up with all these rumors concerning this person and that person playing Wonder Woman is an idiot. Didn't realize Kat McPhee is an actress. Rachel Bilson is what 5ft. Diana Prince/Wonder Woman is 6 feet tall. LETS SAY IT AGAIN 6FT TALL. Lynda Carter is 5FT. 10, So you must have somone at least 5ft 10 if not 6ft. NOT SOMONE 5ft. or 5FT 8. thank you.

Mark you are right.These casting rumors are a joke. But how can we stop them? As long as Warner Bros sits on their hands, we will have too put up with these rumors..This may be one of the biggest hype jobs in history.For a film that may never get made.You and I know that Wonder Woman will not come out next year, but possiable 2008 or 9.They are not real sure that they want too go through with it or not. Catwoman's' fate at the movies may have something too do with it.If they were real sure, they would have cast the lead by now, don't you think?I like Nadia Bjorlin, she is 5'8.I don't think that they themselves know who they want.I am sure that Whedon and Silver have a different vision of who they want for the lead.Silver as you remember wanted Jessica Biel.Whedon probably wants Morena Baccarin.Or Charisma Carpenter.No word has come out of either Whedon or Silver since he submitted his second draft.Untill then it is anyone's guess when it will get done.

I think you guys are right to say that these rumours are a joke, if we were to believe them then every possible actress is being considered.

You hit on a good point though Jack, the script isn't even delivered yet, and so would they really be casting right now? I'm not so sure. Perhaps conversations are going on and people are being asked if they would be interested when the role comes up, but there's not really going to be serious casting until they can consider a script, surely.

Priyanka Chopra is 5' 9".
Monica Bellucci is 5' 10 1/2"

I'd like to see either of them in the costume.

That is all.

Monica Bellucci could be a great choice. She would look great in the costume. It is unfortunate that she is in her 40.s. Catherine Zeta Jones is another great choice.But she said she never considered playing the part.She is 36. Sandra Bullock, is also in her 40's. If I was a betting man, I would say that Morena Baccarin, Nadia Bjorlin, Jessica Biel,or a complete unknown,will get the part.Mcphee could be a dark horse. But I think that her name was put out there too see if Whedon or Silver would be interested.How these rumors start, I will never know.If this movie was a one shot deal, then Bellucci,Jones,or Sandra would be cast. But they are going for sequels.In my oppinion, they should just go for the one. It will be slim that they will get to do a sequel.It will have too be Whedon's Titanic.They judge these movie's by how much money they make.Look at Superman..190 million, and it's considered a flop.If I were going in this direction,I would cast Catherine Zeta Jones.The public would imbrace her.Plus the fact that she can act.It is a no brainer.The only negative, is that she has a big price tag with her. She would not come cheap.But what the heck.It would only be a one shot deal.Hallie Berry was not Catwoman. Catherine Zeta Jones could be Wonder Woman if it was done right.

Since my last post in September, There has been nothing but empty casting rumor's. Sophia Bush, Jill Wagner.It's getting rediculous each time. You would think that Whedon would have somewhat an Idea who he wants. Which makes me believe that not even he knows who he wants. I would hope that if his second draft is rejected, that Warner Bros would have the common scence to let him go. Till this is rectified these rumor's will continue. Nadia Bjorlin is still my choice.

Whedon is a goner. This is great news. I hear that new writers will be on board real soon. So till this happens, there will be no new casting rumors. Don't shed any tears for Whedon. He got his money.For 2 years we have heard all these casting rumors, and we find out that there never was a single person that was in line for the lead.I hope Silver gets his act together on the new writers/director. I am pulling for Nadia Bjorlin for the lead. They need a fresh face. And keep it close too the comic book as possible.

Well let's keep in mind that the rumours may not have come from Whedon and he really might have been full on with the script writing. The latest story tells us that he was doing just that and working really hard on the script, but ultimately the studio and he went different directions.

Interestingly the two new writers have had their speculative script bought by Silver before the announcement that Whedon was off, a script that has Wonder Woman in World War II. That really doesn't interest me and I hope they bury that idea and work on a new one.

When Whedon said his goodbye on his site he did say one name. Cobie Smulders.

I just checked out this Cobie Smuilders.

I can't say much because I'm a woman, so you guys go and have a look and tell us what you think. :)

No he is gone alright. And he's blaming Silver. That's typical. That's why I called him Ego Boy. It's their fault that his scripts were not good enough.Give me a break.He was out of his league from the start. Changing the costume,no invisible plane, no flying,etc.Give Silver credit this time. He did alright. He knows that he has too get Wonder Woman right.They gave Whedon more then enough time too get it done.Whedon just was a lost writer, not knowing his character.It's one thing too write stories that impowers woman.But it's another too stay true too the subject. Wonder Woman is not Buffy. It took 2years for Silver to finally figure that out. And I don't believe for one momment that he had his leed. He just said that too be sarcastic.

I don't think anyone is saying he's not gone and from what I read on his story he's not blaming anyone.



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