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The Fountain explained by Aronofsky

TheFountain_Poster.jpgDarren Aronofsky is taking some time out at the Toronto Film Festival to actually explain what The Fountain is all about, and someone has kindly captured the explanation for the world to see and put it online.

I wonder if the explanation is for those who are going to see it after hearing the negative responses from critics, or for the remaining critics going to see it, or for both, or even that he doesn't care and he just wants to explain it anyway. Frankly I think the last, he was asked the question so he explained it. Although people do care about what critics, reviewers and the audience think, what ultimately matters is if they are happy with the work and if the Studio makes enough money from it to employ them again, perhaps not in that order.

Okay, I'm being a bit black and white on that one, but you see the point. Anyway, Cinemablend have the video of the conversation, and although I can't watch it at work it looks like it might be an interesting and indepth one which would be worth a look if you're planning on seeing the movie, and I know I am despite the negative comments from critics - after all, what do they know? (I don't class myself as one by the way!)

Are you swayed by the negativity? Are you still going to be seeing this film, and is it because of the cast, director, and\or the sheer scale of the plot?



If only to be on the contrary of all those critics, I will watch it.

The reviewers are supposed to be smart people... and they claim a movie not to be understandable?

Kubrick never actually explained 2001. Because he knew very well a great film is open to many explanations.

Besides, critics don´t entertain me, and movies do.

Well said Peter.

I also think that a movie needs to have you thinking and talking about it well after you leave the cinema, otherwise it's just entertainment.

I just got out of the Fountain's 3rd screening at the TIFF. The message of the movie is so obvious that I cannot possibly believe that people need an explanation. I loved the film, but to oversimplify: it a sort-of version of 2001 that has an obvious and easy explanation of theme. Now trying for the literal explanation (which is besides the point) you can come up with several theories(I'm not going to spoil), some of which are more plausible than others.

The bottom line, if you like 'big ideas' sci-fi with a mixture of religion and philosophy, THE FOUNTAIN is going to be a joy to experience, and I bet you even a child you get the point of the movie which is stressed several times over:
*very mild spoilers*

The movie is hopeful and sad, it quite revels in its Melancholy.

It sounds really interesting, Triflic. And very moving, from the looks of it.

This is why I love the movies, because there are films that leave you too stunned you can't think for a minute or the film is that intelligent you have to work those brain cells out, a thing that not all viewers much more critics possess nowadays.

I just got done watching the movie for the first time and am now listening to the soundtrack (just downloaded - what a world we live in). The movie was powerful and visually stunning. I watch movies to see a side of the world, humanity, or myself that I never have seen before, and this movie illicited the only response that means anything to me, I smiled and cried at the end. Does it matter what it means when it can evoke emotion. Well done, Darren. It will definately go on my shelf to share with others.

I dont understand a few things about this movie. First and foremost - the time settings confuse me. The first timeframe when the man is looking for the tree of life - if he dies, how is he still there in the two future roles? And how are there three time settings to begin with?

I think that the past Tomas is only a character in Izzi's book. The other two Toms are the real deal. She keeps telling him "to finish it" which I believe is double meaning. Finish the book and let go of fear of death.

I watched The Fountain the other day as I'm a big fan of Hugh Jackman. I thought it was brilliant, magical and beautiful the only problem is I didn't understand it at all. I've tried researching it for days hoping i will find and answer but with no success. I was hoping someone will be able to explain to me what the film is about.
I did understand some parts of it, but not all, or not enough to make pure sense to me. I'm desperate to understand.

Just watched for the first time completely and paying attention. Not the kind of movie you can come in partway, and try to do other things while kinda watching.
Of course, my mind is going to other questions like, was the sphere ship a totally closed environment for his and trees water needs, and just recycled.
Was his only food really the tree?
I'm surprised it took that long of a trip for him to finish the story. He had time to finish it way before the end.
And that nebula is so far out already, and his travel time would be so long, it would not be anything the same by the time he got there.
Still very interesting, and good story.
And if your death can lead to life, good for you.

This is an illuminati movie filled with all kinds
of Masonic pagan origins and symbols and
Kabala mysticism, has good effects but story line is BS.



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