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Mostow to direct Sub-Mariner?

SubMariner.jpgLooks like Sub-Mariner is going to be racing ahead as a movie with the director of the irreverant Terminator 3 at the helm, Jonathon Mostow.

Now if I was a Sub-Mariner fan I'd be pretty worried, because Mostow managed to make the Terminator character look weak with the opening jokes, and the new style Terminator wasn't that much better. However he is good at the action sequences, that's for sure.

That aside, I can't believe that Sub-Mariner is going to be the next up, what about the raft of much stronger characters? Still it's happening and Variety through Coming Soon tell us that Mostow is the man to re-write and direct the film having cleared his schedule ready for it. Unfortunately when I say cleared, that doesn't seem to mean clearing Terminator 4.

Sub-Mariner, for those of you like me who focus on the more popular comic characters, is a man who discovers he's a descendant from the kingdom of Atlantis and that the underwater world still exists, not only that but he stands in the middle of the rising war between the underwater world and that of our own. Oooh...I say get Patrick Duffy for the role!




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