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Miami Vice sequel?

MiamiVice_Poster.jpgThere's more talk of a Miami Vice (review) sequel, and although it's nothing concrete and just an insider talking, it backs up something both Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx said during and interview.

According to Life Style Extra through UK IGN:

"Colin and Jamie really hit it off on Miami Vice but they were disappointed the film didn't do better," an unnamed source advised the U.K.'s Life Style Extra. "They very much want to work together again and they both want another Vice. They feel there is scope for another story."

Previously Farrell and Foxx both said that they would love to appear in a sequel to Miami Vice, it's the usual offhand comment at a press conference I'm sure, but Foxx was a bit more wise about it and said...

Foxx cautioned, however, that all the right elements "would have to come together."

I think that means his pay, Michael Mann, his entourage and nothing like too much of a hardship for him to work in. I would definitely agree with the Mann comment though, to make this work it has to be another film that looks and feels like Collateral and Miami Vice, hard, gritty and realistic.

I'd definitely want to see a sequel on the go, wouldn't you? I thought the film was superbly done and a sequel should only be made if Mann is at the helm.



I liked but didn't love Miami Vice, primarily because I found Colin Farrell to be a bit empty. Everything else, however, was top-notch and the movie deserved better than it got.

Yeah, I'd see a sequel, but I wish it was just a Michael Mann crime movie and not specifically Miami Vice. As a property and a brand, it just feels like there's too much baggage attached for audiences to want to buy into it.

they did mention it in interviews, a possibility of a sequel, but not described quite literally as that - foxx just said he hoped it became a franchise and they did more of them... nothing more than one mans hope, necessarily.

I think this was specifically said in an interview directly with IGN.

How bad does a disasterous movie have to smell before someone in Hollywood realizes it's past rotting phase? A sequel, unbelieavable.

Oh come now Poodle, isn't that a bit harsh? Surely you didn't think the film was that bad?

Hiya Richard. I rather see sequel to Snakes on the Plane (which I haven't seen and never will in this life) then Miami stupid Vice sequel.

Hey Poodle. Damn, that must mean it was bad!

Movie was great. Mann, Farrell, & Foxx are supposed to enter talks when Mann & Foxx finish filming "The Kingdom", which is based in Saudi Arabia.

Farrell was awesome. You have to remember, the TV show was far from realistic. Miami Vice 2006 is a glimpse into what the underworld is like. People were just expecting to see something like the series and were shocked when they saw something real life.

I have anticipated a sequel to this film since the first came out. Micheal Mann is a complete genius, and I like the fact that other shallow movie goers didnt get the film's artistic integrity. That makes it all the more classic. I hope they dont comprimise the grittyness of the sequel just to sell more tickets, i dont want to see another Bad Boys!!! This film becomes one of my favorites the more I watch it, its easily in my top 5.

I don't know, can you see Michael Mann doing a sequel to one of his films?

My friend is crazy about this movie and would love a sequel. Bring it on!

went right back in and watched it again, the first one ,hey lets have a sequel! and this time do it better with more day shots and cars and pretty girls,show miami and let it sparkle.

I definitely want to see a sequel. Farrell & Fox were a great team and I think their characters played off eachother perfectly. There's definitely more that could be told of this story. Come on Mann, please do a sequel.

Miami Vice was a great movie. The way they shot was great, the music was amazing, and the actors were great. If it wasn't for a few corny lines; "you with the man" and "don't mess with crime if you can't do time". I'm hoping there's a sequel with the same cinematography and music. A changes in the scripts (no corny sayings) and I think it would be amazing. I'm hoping Michael Mann changes his mind on not doing a sequel for this movie.

i think their outta be more miami vice movies Farrel and Fox were great crockett and tubbs were best ever be nice they started working on a new miami vice now i love miami vice



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