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LL Cool J gets TV show

LLCoolJ.jpgI like LL Cool J as an actor, he's got presence, style and a lot of fun, and it would be nice to see him stretched into some more serious roles as I really do think he might just surprise some people. However his latest move is to TV, not in film, and he's going to be playing a cop, however at least he has the lead.

The story from Total Film tells us that the show will be created by the man who gave us the CSI programmes, but the story doesn't sound too hot:

...plays a swanky undercover cop who runs stings on massive criminal rings by pretending to be “the man” – a fixer who can obtain everything from entry to the most exclusive nightclubs to top notch sporting tickets. But by day, he’s a father struggling to raise three adopted kids who all have troubles ranging from aggression issues to drug addiction.

You know the idea of the troubles at home mixing with cop life is something that's in every cop show, and it'll really need something different to make it interesting.

It also marks another in a line of actors moving to the smaller screen, they also tell us of a few other names that are doing much the same:

Ray Liotta, James Woods and Anne Heche, who are all headlining big new shows in the States this autumn. Liotta plays a bank robber who juggles complicated heists and family life in Smith, Woods is Shark, a former celebrity defence attorney who brings his showboating skills to criminal prosecutions and Heche is toplining the comedy drama Men In Trees, about a relationship expert stranded in a small Alaskan town.

I'll give you Liotta and Woods, but Heche isn't really in the same league for me. Still, it's something we are seeing more of. As TV shows see their plots become pulled across entire series with more complex development and characters, you'd have to expect that the better, bigger actors are being attracted to them, especially when films seem to be going the other way.




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