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Coppola's The Conversation TV series

TheConversation.jpgHere's an interesting move, Francis Ford Coppola's film The Conversation, starring the superb Gene Hackman, is set to become a TV series. Now normally I would scream and shout at this idea, but there's an interesting bunch of people behind the series.

The film tells the paranoid tale of a surviellance expert who is hired to record the conversations of three people. Some years ago his recordings of two people resulted in their murder, and he begins to think that the same thing is going to happen again. The film also stars Robert Duvall, Harrison Ford and John Cazale, and it's a cracking movie.

So making this into a TV series seemed like a really bad idea to me, then I saw the list from Empire. 24 producer Tony Krantz, The Usual Suspects writer Chris McQuarrie and Band Of Brothers writer Eric Jendresen

Wow. Think of those stories and how well they all hook the audience into them, not only that but they are visually and plot rich, filled with clever and natural scripting. Now, think again on the idea of the TV series. I'm seriously interested now.

The plot looks as though it is set to follow the Fugitive series premise...

surveillance expert Harry Caul on the run from the government after overhearing confidential chatter – to make the hero a present-day digital snooper. The series will revolve around a procedural plot system, with close-ended mysteries each week that also tie in to a bigger arc with Caul tracked by the authorities...

...McQuarrie told Variety. "The challenge for us was staying true to the original movie and yet evolving the work Caul was doing at the end of the movie for a series."

They are very positive talking about the story ideas, and I get the feel that this could be like throwing Fugitive, Enemy of the State (the Hackman side of the story) and Conversation all into one big pot, and I really do like that idea.



This could be an overwhelming series. The movie was great, the people involved are great, Coppola approves it, and it´s perfect for our paranoid times. Far better than watching Prison Break, that´s for sure.



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