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Clooney to write and direct football film

GeorgeClooney.jpgI think it's time for George Clooney to gather some funding together for his next big project, and to do that he's taking on a film that's been in development for some time, Leatherheads is a film that is set in the 1920's when American Football was just beginning to become the organised and professional circuit it is now. It looks at an aging player (Clooney) who takes on a rising star to mentor him in the league.

From the looks of it it's a story we've heard many times before and in various different guises of sports, business and life in general, but perhaps Clooney will have a chance to put some of his magic into it as he is set to write and direct the film.

Still, the story from Jam Movies does sound like it's Clooney doing exactly what he's said he does. He'll do a few mainstream movies to get money behind him, and then invest that in one or two of his own movies which are more passions than work, and frankly that's what I want to see.




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