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Wes Craven's remaking his own films

WesCraven.jpgWes Craven's first film, The Last House on the Left, is to be remade, along with Shocker and The People Under the Stairs.

Craven is producing the remake of Last House, as for who is to rewrite and direct there's no word from Variety through Coming Soon.

I wonder what his reasoning is behind these remakes, whether he never felt they were finished originally or that they could now be done better, or that he's just handing them away to get remade for the hell of it. Frankly I would only have a remake done if it wasn't a complete film originally...or I was short of cash!



The people under the stairs had a neat premise and I thought it was rather good stylistically, but it was overly goofy near the end and I lost interest. If a remake was done in the right hands, maybe someone with a similar style to Peter Jacksons's earlier gross-out films, the movie could at least be a great cult hit. The gimp suit bit always sticks out in my mind. Heck, maybe Quentin should give it a go ;)

Also, Shocker COULD be cool for some campy fun... I'm all for fun horror films.

Though Last House on the Left was a terrible film, if you ask me. I don't know why everyone likes it. It was slow, way too violent for no reason, and poorly acted. Maybe at the time it was great because it was so daring, but in retrospect it was rather terrible.

Well, you have to be very careful with "Last House". This is the film which not only started Craven's career but also almost ended it. It was very grusome for it's time, and yes poorly acted, but the situation these girls where put in was scary and disturbing. The caracters where scary and it was cool to see them get it in the end.

My fear is that if Wes re-makes this film, he will sugar coat it, and it will lose some of the graphic scenes which have bothered people since its release.

You can not deny that Wes is a true master/father of horror, but will he show to have gone softer in his old age, or even more let loose?



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