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South Park to live action

MattStone-TreyParker.jpgThe two creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have two live action films on the slate, although there will be appearances by non-human characters and comedy galore.

According to Variety through Coming Soon:

Parker and Stone will first make the Jeff Roda-scripted high school comedy My All-American. They plan to follow with Giant Monsters Attack Japan!, a film scripted by J.F. Lawton (Under Siege) that will combine live-action with the "rubber suit" techniques made popular in Asian imports like Godzilla.

Parker will direct each film and Stone produce; both will work on the scripts with the writers.

Well it'll be interesting to see what talent they get onboard for these films, and also how well they can work with real actors after all this time. I'm sure sitting with animators and working puppets all day long puts you in a totally different mindset than working with real people...



I find these two are quite tallented. Right now, South Park remains as the most incisive animated show, far beyond the slowly decaying Simpsons, and the routinary Family Guy. Some episodes of last seasons are just umbeatable, that´s why they get censored so often. And Team America, to me, is a success in many levels, because, simply, it manages to irritate everybody. I hope they keep that sarcastic vein in their real action projects.

Mecha Streisand! This is what you learn from South Park eh? :D

Heh... yeah... that and many things. These guys mock everything and everybody in this world. And I admire that.

And I love Cartman! He is huge funny whiner LOL.

you know, I recently got to finally see Team America ( the film that, after they completed, had the duo vowing never ever to WORK with each other ever again. thank god that turned out to be not so true )...

...These guys have something that NO ONE ELSE in hollywood has, short of the early Zucher Brothers...The ability to poke fair and equal fun at both sides.

I think their style is somewhat signature. I mean, watching Team America was alot like watching apuppet version of South Park...but hey. I laughed. And that's ALL they were setting out to do. so yeah! I'd say this is good news for me!



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