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Richard Smith's Mono goes to LA

Mono.jpgRichard Smith is best known for writing Trauma (review), a great film (ignore the IMDB reviews) which gave Colin Firth a superbly against type role and played around with the audience just a little. Now his latest short film Mono (official site), which he wrote and directed, has been selected for the very prestigious Los Angeles International Short Film Festival.

In a rather excited email, and quite rightly so, he says that it has also been selected for the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax, both festivals are in September this year.

Richard is also working on an adaptation of Anthony Holden's book Big Deal, where Holden writes about his experiences of leaving behind his normal life and entering the world of professional poker playing for an entire year.

Well done to Richard, and if you haven't seen Trauma then do so now. I had the pleasure of talking to him on two occassions, and the second time I managed to grab an interview. Sometime soon (perhaps after the EIFF) I'll get that written up. Unfortunately the MD it was recorded on is damaged, so if you know anyone who can recover MD's, please email me!

Update: Mono has just been selected for the Mill Valley Film Festival in San Francisco - This film is being picked up like mad!




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