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Messengers and Grudge 2 reshot?

PangBrothers.jpgOh this is bad news indeed, but word is that the Pang Brothers film The Messengers and the second in the English language Grudge series, The Grudge 2, are both hitting reshoots and re-edits.

Not only that but word from Bloody Disgusting through Twitch is that another unnamed director reshot The Messengers footage!

...the reshoots were done by another director (whom I cannot name), but apparently Raimi and co. are very happy with his work.

Shooting has now completed on the film. As for Grudge 2 word is that...

...the crew is heading to Chicago for reshoots of their own, Dread Central reports. Star Amber Tamblyn tells DC, "Yeah, I heard it is going to go through a complete re-edit, and there were also major issues with the ending I guess. I'm leaving for Chicago in two weeks to do some re-shoots on it."

Oh dear, at least those look to be done with the director and not without. However I think this is just symptimatic of the void between Asian films and filmmakers and Hollywood. The two don't automatically merge well together.

I enjoyed The Grudge and thought that it was one of the strongest Asian remakes so far, and the Pang Brothers have showed a lot of great style in their films. Yet if we look back through the past few years we've seen much Asian talent go to Hollywood, try to fit in with the system, and then return home. I wonder if this will be true once again, and can Ghost House Pictures pull through this? Is it a sign that these two markets and styles just don't mix?



I imagine the dismal failure at the box office of the Pulse remake has got them nervous. The Grudge 2 trailer looked poor as well, no way I would bother going to the cinema to see it.

Have you seen British movie "The Dark" Richard, its very Japanese influenced while retaining its own originality. It’s not an amazing movie or anything, but I recon taking some Asian influences and infusing them into a western film is a much better way to go than these re-makes.

Hey bullet - review here:

The Dark



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