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Laranas' film free to download

Sigaw_Poster.jpgYam Laranas is a scary but very nice man. He's the director and cinematographer of Sigaw (The Echo) (review) which proved so successful it's been picked up for a US remake and he's involved. Recently though he's been working on other projects, and one of them is now available online to download for free.

It's a short 1m 44s movie filmed entirely on a Nokia N93 mobile phone. Think that sounds rubbish? Well just you watch it and prepare for your heart rate to rise along with the tension and spookiness. This is a lesson in how to effectively use lighting and sound to scare people...and quite frankly it worked. As the camera was coming back up those stairs I was growing exceedingly uncomfortable.

You can download the film directly from Yam Laranas' Nseries Studio page [RM]. Have a look and see what you think, did the film affect you? Are you impressed at what can be achieved with such a small and limited camera?



Nice nugget. Was it just me that needed RMP to run this?

No, that's right. For your info (and everyone else's) whenever I put up a video link I put the specs next to it in square brackets.

WMV - Windows Media Player file
RM \ RP - Real Player file
Flash \ FLSH - Flash
QT - Quicktime
S \ M \ L \ iPod \ HD - All refer to the quality\size of the file
Stream - Streaming from source
Embed - Embedded in someone's player type

That kind of thing.

*slaps own forehead*

Erm... I knew that.. I was just testing you.

*walks away quickly*



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