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Jackass: Number Two clips online

Jackass.jpgThere are four clips online from the new Jackass movie, Jackass: Number Two. Nice guys, really good title [sarcasm].

There's the Yak clip, Firehose Rodeo, Anaconda and the Big Tyre Race. You can see them over at Coming Soon and here are the individual links for the Hi-res Quicktime clips...

Johnny Knoxville and the Yak, Firehose Rodeo and Anaconda [QT:L].

Mad, stupid, and strangely addictive to watch. I remember when these guys first appeared on MTV and my mate Dave raving about them so much we had to sit and watch something about a cows bum and a long arm...oh it killed the party but they were really funny then, it seems the shine has blurred on these guys and I wonder how well the second movie will actually do?



I have a sick fanscination with Jackass. I simply love to watch these do stupid things that hurt and/or embarass themselves. It's not quality of any nature, but I laugh and cringe and cover my eyes all at the same time.



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