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H6: Diario de un asesino (H6: Diary of a Serial Killer)

Film Two Stars

There's nothing like a bloody, violent film to get you going, and this was just what was ordered and that's just what was delivered.

The style was damn good for the film I was expecting. For those of you who don't know what this film is about, it's the story of a passion fuelled convicted killer who decides to become a serial killer. During his "career" he intimately records the details of the murders in a horrific diary to ensure fame and fortune.

There's great use made of the entire cinema screen, the frame is filled at every opportunity, and the colours are bright and backgrounds busy throughout. There's a good use of slightly askew angles which at times make a normal scene feel slightly off kilter, a trick I became very used to through my love of Asian horror.

There are some very violent scenes in the film which escalate each time they appear. These scenes aren't very common though and the film returns to the more psychological view of the killer as he diarises his night time killings and lives a normal daytime life with his wife of convenience.

The first killing scene is done quite comically and overloaded with blood, it's the second that builds on that, and becomes quite violent, with repeated rapes and showing violent aggression towards the female character. These scenes actually become quite disturbing.

Strangely though there's no real sympathy felt for the victims, they are very much shown as guilty and quite pathetic, almost deserving and perhaps wanting the deaths they receive. One killing in particular, of the pimp himself, seems totally justified, and this is quite unusual for a serial killer type film.

Unfortunately, despite there being plenty of opportunity to develop the character from his first killing to the height of his serial killing, there's none really attempted. We see the introductory killing, followed by him being released from jail, at this point the serial killer is already present in his full form. Through the film he just continues to kill, he's as driven and developed at the end of the film as he is from the opening scenes.

He also doesn't appear that menacing until the end of the film. Sure he's cold and calculating, but he doesn't have the same feeling as someone like Hannibal Lector for example. The film seemed to stand away from the character and I never got the sense that I really should be scared of him.

The character introductions at the beginning of the film are hastily done, although the first sequence of his first kill is paced well, from here until he sets himself up for the killings we are rushed through exposition and visuals in order to give us the required background. The worst of this is when his wife is talking through who and where she is in life. This felt like a force feeding of information in order to get us to the real start of the movie.

Overall it's a good film for those who like horror thrillers, the psychological aspect and character development is a little lost here, but there are some strong visuals and some really nice touches in the film, as well as those light hearted moments. Worth a look and it's well worth keeping your eye on the director and the lead actor for some other work, I certainly am.

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