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Cruise leaves Paramount

TomCruise.jpgSo by now you should all know that the fourteen year partnership of Tom Cruise and Paramount has ended. The big question came to my lips, so?

Everyone seems really concerned about this for either good or bad reasons, but I don't really see what this means, other than the standard Cruise films may become a thing of the past and we might see some more variation of his work.

Paramount is saying that it's down to Cruise's behaviour, while Cruise's spokespeople are saying he left. Well the contract negotiations have been going on for some weeks and his contract ended a while ago, there's nothing new in that announcement. So perhaps there's truth in each of the statements. Did Paramount offer him something less than attractive and he said no? Did Paramount offer him the world again and he's decided to go with his own company? Who will really know, damage limitation and mud slinging has begun. Surely it wouldn't have hurt everyone to make it amicable?

Apparently the Cruise announcement came out first without much of a flurry saying that the offer wasn't good enough, and then Paramount came out with the statement of him being nice, but erratic. Hey, Paramount, I've got some news for you, he's a huge movie star, that's what they do. It would be far better for them if he'd gone on a near death drink and drugs binge then they could have stood by him through rehab and see him come out a hero - where's the wrong and right in that?

Anyway, not only does Cruise have three movies to complete, but the Cruise - Wagner partnership has three others in production. Frankly I don't think he'll have a problem appearing in and producing new movies. Oh, and let's just think about those Mission: Impossible III numbers for a moment. It made US $240,178,624.

I don't think Cruise will have any problems in his future career.



Again you do it admirably Rich. When the rest of the world is anti-Cruise, you refuse to be swayed by that air and see things objectively which is why posting here is always a pleasure. It's not about a screaming controversial topic that feels so downright cheap it's sickening.


I share your sentiments about him not getting any problems securing work, Tom Cruise is a brilliant actor, a very dedicated one at that and like you I am absolutely sure that he will have no problems getting projects, and eventually getting accolades for it. I cant wait for him to get acting awards because I know its long overdue.

This Cruise bashing has gone on long enough, its so boring and so old news, at the end of the day if he does his job as an actor, he's out there to entertain with the films he makes, and I am getting my value for money whenever I pay to see his films or collect his DVDs I am no judge of his character or any antics he will pull off.

Cruise will always rule! ;D

Tom Cruise has a strange personal behaviour lately, but who cares? Nowadays, celebrities are so examined. I wonder who could pass such an intense scrutiny without losing it.

What matters is the tremendous quality of this man as an actor. He can do anything.

In Eyes Wide Shut, everybody was looking at how good Nicole was, but the tremendous weight of the movie was on his shoulders, delivering a terrific job.

In Collateral... omg what can I say? He has everything: masterdom of the role, of the space, physical movement, everything.

Spielberg trusted him in Minority Report and War of the Worlds. Look, you may think what you want of War of the Worlds, but I so rarely have seen such an accurate portrait of the frustrations of a father.

In all three Mission Impossibles, he shows how action and emotion can be mixed, making Pierce Brosnan seem like a wooden puppet, excuse the comparison.

Tom Cruise is one of the greatest actors of this time, and it´s a shame that he has not at least three Oscars in his shelf, when Marisa Tomei has one.

And people love to critizise the idols... that´s the consolation ain´t it?

unlike you, Simone, I do get into a bit of Cruise Bashing. But he hasn't done anything really lame in months. So hey. He's a daddy now. I'll lighten up a bit.

This seems to me to be a good deal for Cruise. He already has plenty of money. And if he has been pidgeonholed in terms of roles he has or will have been offered by Paramount, or if he hasn't been able to procure the control over his contract he seems to want, hey...go elsewhere.

He has more collateral ( pun not intended ) than anyone in hollywood right now. He's in the news constantly, which gives any film he chooses instant media buzz.

I just wonder how much of that media buzz was the doing of paramounts' marketing machine.

Mogulus, a bit is not so bad. ;) Although it's the actor's performance I criticize more than the person.

I know of another site where everytime there is a Cruise news goes on full assault, I mean why the trouble? It's so cheap really resorting to all that.

Oh and Peter, are you the new publicist for Mr Cruise, can you arrange for me to meet him? ;D

I am his fan! LOL

From what I have read, Tom´s version is more down to earth. Simply, it has been an echonomical disagreement between him and Summer Redstone, one of the Viacom tycoons, who alleged the "behaviour" as a mere excuse.

I believe Tom. And if it´s not Paramount, it will be another studio. To hell with Redstone.

And if it´s not Paramount, it will be another studio.

Most definitely! I love it when we go against the flow, it's so liberating! LOL



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