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Clooney in Pet Semetary remake?

GeorgeClooney.jpgThis news is stranger than the story about Blair as Terminator, however this one is real. George Clooney is set to star in a remake of Pet Semetary by Stephen King.

Yes, bizarre news indeed. I can remember the original film for two scenes, one the creepy child, and two the cat leaping into frame and giving me the fright of my life.

The film managed to prompt a sequel, directed again by Mary Lambert, without King and strangely with a stronger cast of Edward Furlong and Anthony Edwards, so there's a nice ER connection!

Bloody Disgusting through Arrow in the Head, and they confirm it's totally secured. Although it's not yet clear which part he'll play, or anything other than the writers on the project, it is going ahead.

Surely this is one of the roles that Clooney takes for the cash in order to fund his more serious films?



Richard, you don't remember the scene of Fred Gwynne's achilles tendon being severed with a scalpel? That was the first thing that came to mind during a similar scene in Hostel.

Oh my lord, of course I do now that you remind me Triflic. Yeah, that is incredibly horrible to watch, particularly horrible because of who is doing it.

That scene scarred me as a teenager! Whenever I think of this movie I think of the little boy getting hit by the semi and the achilles tendon scene. *shudder*



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