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Chan & Li set to team up ?

JackieChan.jpgJackie Chan and Jet Li, two of the biggest names in martial arts movies are to team up in their first joint feature. It seems the last stumbling block is the small matter of a script.

Rumours have been flying that these two would team up for quite a while now, but while promoting his new film Chan seemed to suggest that it is getting nearer to reality. Associated Press through Coming Soon quotes Jackie Chan as follows:

All the hurdles have been overcome. The only problem left is the script. We need a script that he approves and I approve. If that goes well, shooting will start in March or April in Shanghai.

Chan also says that the movie will be more geared to foreign audiences than Chinese. With Hollywood footing the bill it appears they want a more mainstream movie. Hopefully though the finished product won't suffer and we will get a great martial arts film from two of the best in the business.

Personally I've always prefered Li's style to the more slapstick approach of Chan, but I'm excited at the prospect of these two working together, let's hope it is finally happening. Is anyone else looking forward to seeing what these two come up with?



I've always preferred Jackie Chan. But I'd love t see what the two can do together.



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