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Burton almost Bond, not Connery

RichardBurton.jpgAmazingly there's some news out today that Sean Connery was almost not James Bond and instead Ian Fleming thought Richard Burton would make the perfect Bond and Alfred Hitchcock would direct.

From recent documents just released it seems that three years before Dr No in 1959 Fleming wrote to a friend whose company was set to create the first Bond movie, and said that both he and the scriptwriter thought that Burton would be the ideal Bond.

He went onto contact another friend and asked about Hitchcock:

"Would Hitchcock be interested in directing first Bond film? Plentiful finance available. Think we might have a winner particularly if you were interested in scripting."

The comments come from a new book entitled The Battle For Bond - The Genesis Of Cinema's Greatest Hero by Robert Sellers through This is London.

Apparently the project failed because Hitchcock turned his back on big movies and moved towards creating Psycho. Imagine that, if it hadn't come through, no Connery as Bond, no Pyscho, no Cleopatra, perhaps even no Burton-Taylor marriage(s), and even maybe no Bond series as we know it today, perhaps it would have been darker from the get go.

Yet think of the amazing win, Burton would have been the ideal hard nosed Bond at the time, would he have been the better choice?



Huh... Luckyly, this never happened. Both Richard Burton and Alfred Hitchcock are too high class for James Bond.

North by Northwest is way better than any James Bond film. I really think Mr. Hitchcock never considered the idea seriously.


Didnt know he was Welsh?

good lord. If Hitchcock would have done Dr. No, can you IMAGINE how different the series would have been?!!!

It would have been heckuvalot brainier!

Hitchcock > My grandmother's homemade spaghetti. He's that good...



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