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Pullman plays Philip K. Dick

BillPullman.jpgI first saw Bill Pullman in The Serpent and the Rainbow where he totally convinced me he was a top rate actor. Now he's set to take on a very challenging role, that of the celebrated author Philip K. Dick. I say challenging because he is so much of a cult icon that filling his shoes is indeed going to be tough.

From Production Weekly through Cinema Blend comes the news that the musician best known perhaps for scoring Disney's Mulan will be helming the film. Yes Dick fans, I'm waiting for the comeback. Oh, the double-entendre's!

Paranoid conspiracies, drug-addled dimension shifting, and general 1970’s weirdness combine to make what will no doubt be one strange indie film.

Now this sounds indeed bizarre, but it will be an interesting show of Pullman's talents, which quite frankly have so often been wasted on mediocre films. Perhaps this will be different, and perhaps we could look forward to an interesting take on Dick's life, perhaps a cross between a mesh of so many of his books and something akin to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?



Pullman was really, really impressive in Lost Highway.

But why "a fictional journey"? Why has a robot to appear? What´s goiiing on theeere??? (Seinfeld accent)

The life of this man could make a perfect biopic and they will ruin it with a ridiculous plot, like Steven Soderbergh´s "Kafka"!

Oh maan!



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