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Pirates of the Caribbean: World's End script online?

POTC-WorldsEnd.jpgI can't check this out from work, but apparently the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End script is online to see. Okay, according to reports it's an early draft and only 56 pages, but still.

You can see the script over at through Digg.

As with trailers, someone fancy heading over there, reading it, and coming back to let us know what they thought? Genuine or not? Any good? Does it really matter?

With that, I have to get my review of Dead Man's Chest finished. It's interesting, and sure to cause some controversy!



Without meaning to crawl on you, I would prefer to read your review first than read the script, besides, I havent seen the film myself. And I love controversy!!!! LOL

Richard, how much do you want for a negative review? LOL Save some innocent soul to see this CENSORED CENSORED of CENSORED.

(Jokin´ :D )

You'll see, I'll try and get it finished tonight.

Hey, just in case you didn't realise this script is for the THIRD film, not the one on release just now.

Exactly Richard, I havent seen the 2nd film so I dont want to know the story of the 3rd film just yet either.

I cant wait for the review now! ;-)

has anyone seen the 3rd script?
it won't let me see it!

Hey Harriet. I think it was pulled. I'll keep my eyes open for it appearing on the Net for you.

It can currently be found at this location: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=33131565&blogID=150881074&MyToken=92ace27d-707c-4a37-b3dc-ddf25fc83127

I think Pirates of the Caribbean is the best film ever. the first one was awesome because of the cursed pirates, the second was okay with Davy Jones and the chest of Davy Jones, and when the third one comes out, i will be on the edge of my seat because with the ending of the second, everyone, especially me, would be wondering how Jack Sparrow comes back after the tragic ending of the second.

hey can some one send me a script to this movie i luved pirates of the caribean 1&2, i already have a crush on the third one"at worlds end"

hey!!! im a massive POTC FAN!!!!!!!!!
But duz any1 hav da script for 't worlds end'?
Im absoloutley desperate 2 see it!lol
if u hav it send it to me on

Cyaz xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ send it to meeee!!! im very very very desperate for POTC#3 script!!!! (I LUVVVVVVVV POTC!!!!!!!!!!!) THANK - U

hey, I come from the Netherlands so don't be surprised when my writing is not perfect but I just wanted to tell you all, that the last pirate movie was the best one ever! Number 1 and two where great to, and made me a big fan! I love Johnny and Orlando, and Bill Nightley made Jones great..
I must say that I cried a lot in the last movie, but I think I wasn't the only one who did:P

plz post a URL to the script bc all i'm looking for is the song they sing in the begining

Why you named the ship as Black Pearl? not Black Diamond, or Black Jewel, or else?

the song they sing at the beginning is hoist the colours!

im not going to say how much of a fan i am coz thats not wat CAPTAIN JACK would do so send me a copy of the sond """hoist the colours""" and all 3 pirates pof the caribbean scripts , and can u plz send me the song that jack sings the 1 that goes like "" really bad eggs""" that all i no but cab u send it 2 me

pls as a script writer i will like to have the director of pirates of caribean to mail me for the pirates of the caribean 4(fountain of youth).i just completed the work.so that he can have a review.my mail is am serious

Hey all you poc lovers i have the actual script!!! i found it! i really did! it has all the dialogue too!!! just email me at and i'll get it to you asap! ...which would be as soon as i get ur email saying you want it. savvy???



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