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De Niro and Dash on Larry Davis film

RobertDeNiro.jpgRobert De Niro and actor, director, writer, composer and music\film producer, Damon Dash are to work together to bring the controversial story of New York resident Larry Davis to the cinema screen. Davis was a teenager when he shot six NY policemen and then went on the run for two weeks even though he'd been shot in the head.

He eventually turned himself in to police as long as he was assured that officials would investigate local police corruption which, he claimed, had been responsible for organising local crime.

"In urban culture, Larry Davis is somewhat of a legend," Contactmusic quoted Dash as saying.

Is the quote from sawfnews.com. Interestingly they also mention a story I read about earlier in the week, Dash is also involved in a film looking into a real life female fight club in New York where troubled women fight each other for cash.

Both stories sound quite as though they have a lot of material for a film, but the Davis story sounds the most promising. Controversial, well known, and certain to resonate with a large section of the audience, it seems a fitting film for De Niro to produce.



a real life female fight club in New York where troubled women fight each other for cash

I believe they also refer to this phenomenon as the post-Xmas sales (except they're not fighting for cash in that case).



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