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Bush talks Hitcher remake

TheHitcher.jpgSophia Bush has appeared on TV talking about the remake of The Hitcher in which she stars opposite Sean Bean and alongside Zachary Knighton, and the footage is online.

Bean plays the Hitcher John Ryder, previously stamped hard by the awesome Rutger Hauer, Knighton the C. Thomas Howell role of Jim, and Bush plays a new female role, hopefully modelled on that of Jennifer Jason Leigh's Nash. However from previous reports it sounds like she plays a new character, as Ryder is terrorising a couple straight from the opening.

See that's the bit that worried me about the remake, apart from the remake in the first place, but then I saw Bean as the Hitcher and Neal McDonough as the police Captain, and I started thinking there was some good to be had here.

Over at Jo Blo they link to the footage of the ET MTV snippet, and they say that their set visit convinced them it was going to be a cracking film. How much of that is to appease those who allowed them onset, and how much is real is yet to be seen. I'm still not sure about this remake though.




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