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BBC to take comedy series to film

TelevisionSet.jpgThe BBC seem set to try and bring some of their biggest comedy series to the big screen, series such as The Office, Little Britain and Extras.

According to Reuters:

The move is part of a plan for in-house theatrical division BBC Films to collaborate with the pubcaster's comedy department in a bid to increase its slate of comedy projects.

Head of comedy talent Kenton Allen will join forces with BBC Films head David Thompson to work on mainstream comedy feature films.

Besides exploring the big-screen potential of existing brands, Allen and the comedy team will work with a wide variety of writers and writer-performers to develop new feature films.

"Many of the comedy talents we work with ultimately want to paint on a bigger canvas, and this relationship with BBC Films means that we can now offer them that opportunity," Allen said

Sounds good, but does anyone remember the poor showing with The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse? Sketch shows don't make good movies, they just don't work. The Office and Extras might be a possibility, but even then the power of these are encapsulated into short shows, a full movie on the one premise? I'm not sure if it'll work, and are all the good jokes already done?



i instantly baulked at this story - personally, its a waste of breath talking about it (thank god i am typing) because the stength in british comedy (at least one vital key element) is the 30-minute format. take it outside that and it falls apart - yes, even 'shaun of the dead' feels like two or three 30-minute episodes strung together and even then a comparatively successful film is pretty duff...

I agree with the Shaun comment there, it is a series of longer sketches on the same theme strung together. Now don't have a go at me, I think it's superb and they are pulled toegether extremely well and make a great story, it's an example of how it should be done. However I think this is the exception and it isn't reached enough.



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