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Uglies in new fantasy trilogy

A new fantasy trilogy is on the horizon adapted from the novel Uglies from Scott Westerfield. The story sounds quite interesting and is set in a look-obsessed near future.

Uglies is a futuristic story that takes typical teen anxieties (pimples, self-loathing) and spikes them with a fantasy twist. In the tale, kids are called “Uglies” until they reach 16 and get surgery to become the attractive “Pretties”, who then move into the fancy part of town. Trouble hits for one precocious teen that may be denied the surgery, unless she spies on a friend who skipped the operation and joined the rebels.

Is the blurb from Cinema Blend.

It does sound quite cool, but now when I see that instant trilogy stamp on anything I get concerned. Why is there a need to do that, and why can't the studio just focus on the one film before talking about a trilogy. Aren't they just looking for trouble with that?



Have you seen Acción mutante?

Wow Paul, that sounds incredibly similar...I take it you have?

I have, yes, and thematically Uglies sounds identical. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out.



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