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Sl8n8 (Slachtnacht) Dutch horror trailer

Oh I thought it was something to do with mobile phones too, but Sl8n8 is a new horror from Holland that follows your standard routines. Group of young people get together in a dark and spooky location, play with a ouija board and unleash supernatural powers which start to come after them. However, this looks different.

By that I mean when you see the teaser [MPG:Download] through Twitch, you'll see that it's cut superbly well, the filming looks strong, as does the lighting, and they seem to have the death scenes down to a tee.

This looks good, and for all you Pablo types out there, it's gonna be scary. Do you think there's life in horror films still?



There will always be life (and inevitably death) in horror films. At a basic level, it's human nature to enjoy being scared, but there will always be an audience who are attracted to the macabre.

ok, so i am a self confessed big-girls-blouse(actually thats not fair, most blouses are way less scared than me), but at some stage i will have to watch some of the great horror movies and try and enjoy getting freaked out a little.

this one sounds a bit tough. maybe i can start with day of our lives. some of the acting in that is pretty scary.

I am not a big horror films fan. When "The Ring" (Japanese version) became popular I would only watch it if there were a lot of people around me and have fun getting scared. I remember on one night shift I couldnt get a proper nap because there was a tv set in our hospital staff room, that was how scared I got after seeing the film. But then again, I saw the sequels and watched it laughing out loud and eventually got over the fear. Saying that horror films are not something I will look forward to watch especially that I watch most films on my own.



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