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Deviation, the best Machinima yet

PCScreen.jpgMachinima, if you don't know, is the term given to movies (or cinema) made on computers (machines), put them together and what do you have? Cinechines...no, ermmm, Machemas....oh no....ermmm...okay, Machinima.

Machinima is starting to get some serious respect, not only did we see some recently regarding the French riots, but there's a complete fantasy movie being made online (link when I find it again) all in a virtual world. Tribeca Film Festival has even shown one as part of its Tropfest line up this year.

Deviation (yes it has an IMDB listing) is a short film that is actually quite different from other Machinima I've seen. Rather than use the computer world as an enfivironment to replicate that of the real world for a movie, they've looked inward and used the computer world to reflect its own tale.

Macintyre, an online-game character and member of a four-man counter-terrorist squad, attempts to break out of the cycle of futile violence that has been his sole existence.

It's quite amazing to realise that all the characters are actually real, controlled by a real player, and that they've used a game to make this movie.

Seriously, you should take a look at the short film which has humour and pathos in equal measure. Only thing is I had watched it online and now can't find where it was - post if you find it.



"Well shut me down, machines making machines!?" -C3P0 in 'Attack of the Clones'.

Tried to check it out but this is what it says;

"Deviation will be appearing at Atom Films in the near future - check back to this site for updates and the link."

I've definitely downloaded it and watched it already, and I don't think it was from Atom films. I'll keep searching to see where I got it from.

Thanks for the cool comments!

Deviation is being blocked from release on Atom Films by Valve Software. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (www.eff.org) have taken the case on and we are in discussions right now.

Spread the word.

Jon Griggs

You can still see it at the Tribeca Film Festival website:


Whew! We got Deviation's director posting at FS? Hi Jon! ;-) All the best for your work!

I remember a while ago in another site I made a comment about Richard Linklater and a few days later he posts and says hello. Hah!


After a long drawn out struggle against the games company - I now have
finally secured permission for 'Deviation' to be distributed by Atom Films.

It will be going live on Tuesday October 3rd.

Here are the links:


Here's some code you can use to send people directly to the film in the
AtomFilms Player, if you so desire, from your website, myspace page, blog,


And this html code will post a picture that will link directly to the film:


You can also find a link through my site at www.hardlightfilms.com/deviation

Thanks for your support! :)





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