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Cars are the stars

HondaS2000.jpgThere's a raft of car related movie stories that I've been holding onto, so today seemed like the perfect day. There's car related news about the Disney film Cars, Back to the Future, Batman, and even an old face from Bond.

Cars: From Kelly Blue Book through Autoblog:

The US vehicle information source Kelly Blue Book has announced actual real world pricing for the cars from the movie. They've actually taken as much of the information they can find about them (handily supplied by Disney marketing most likely) and have assigned a value:

Lightning McQueen (Racing car)...$1,500,000
Mater (Tow Truck)... $2,575
Sally (Porsche 911)...$49,465
Doc Hudson (1951 Hudson Hornet)...$19,852

Oh dear, I guess it's funny marketing, but still...Oh look, there's another Porsche that looks the same as that other one over there...and that one...and...

Batman, Back to the Future and Bond to follow...

Batman: From Mark Shields through Autoblog:

This guy has gone and made the car from the Batman movie. He used a 1978 Corvette as the base and built it up from there, it looks stunning. He will consider selling it for US $50k, quite frankly I think he's mad. He should be asking 50k and a percentage of profits, this could make a lot touring conventions, and the fun of driving it in between! I love that third last question on his faq. Seriously have a look, the car is wild.

Bond: From ebay through Autoblog and NoozWheels:

Fancy owning that gorgeous Lotus Esprit from For Your Eyes Only as driven by Roger Moore? Minus all the weaponry of course. Well you can! Over at ebay it's being auctioned off at a mere US $250k starting price! Saying that the estimate has it up to US $350k.

This Lotus Espirt (being one of two used in the film) was driven by Bond throughout the film and can be seen prominently during an expedition to spy on Hector Gonzales' (Stefan Kalipha) subversive activity in a covert estate in Madrid, Spain. Later in the film, the car is seen again (now copper), as Bond sped through the Italian snowy ski resort of Cortina. Interestingly, because of its original white color, the car would not translate well on film against the snowy background. It was immediately sent back to the factory and painted copper, and had customized ski-racks fitted on its roof.

You even get a plague from the chairman of the Lotus company to tell you how special this is, after all it was the prototype for the Esprit series, the first car I fell in love with.

Back to the Future: Through Engadget:

Not an original I'm afraid, and already sold, but let's look at what you could have won...

1983 DeLorean mods, inc flux cpctr, nuclear reactor, time crcts like BTTF. Mint xept for slight dmg by Libyan trrsts. Pls c eBay auction; meet reserve OBO. Sorry, OUTATIME plates not inc. Free Huey Lews + News CD 4 buyer.

Oh lord, the funniest thing is reading the fans comments...they go mad and start eating each other! Talk about having a go for no reason...Me, I'd like to have a DeLorean without the crap too. Duck.

Fast and the Furious: ...oh okay...I won't talk about it again.



I'd probably seriously consider the Lotus.

Why Battle of the Consoles was more..



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